The first evidence you might come across which lets you know your home has been invaded by raccoons, is some droppings which are definitely from these nocturnal animals. Raccoon feces are easy to identify, since they’re always two to three inches long, tubular, and often contain undigested material like berries in them.

That’s something which distinguishes them from dog feces, because there are rarely undigested elements in dog feces. You will most likely find this kind of evidence in your attic, or some other infrequently used area of your home. When you realize your home has been invaded, it’s probably best to contact the professionals, rather than attempt to remove the animals on your own.

Raccoon Damage and Dangers

Apart from the fact that it would be dangerous for you to attempt to deal with a raccoon invasion, there are other reasons why you should leave extermination to the pros. Raccoons can carry a number of diseases, and if you come in direct contact with them, you would be subject to contamination. Some raccoons have also been known to be rabid, and you certainly would not want to approach a rabid raccoon.

Raccoons are often seen browsing through neighborhoods in search of food, and when they do invade residential neighborhoods like this, they are often carrying distemper, roundworm, rabies, or some other disease which can be harmful to humans. Whenever raccoons invade your attic, garage, barns, or outbuildings, they can be carrying all these kinds of diseases, and any contact with you will leave you at risk for contracting the same disease.

If raccoons do take up residence anywhere on your premises, there is likely to be some damage which has occurred as well, especially if they have been in residence for a while. Besides the feces which might be everywhere in your attic, you might also find nests, contamination, and a number of things which have been chewed through and damaged. There could be some extensive restoration work necessary, and that’s another thing you may not want to deal with. Professional exterminators will be very experienced in trapping and removing raccoons humanely and safely, so there won’t be any danger to you or your family members.

Professional Raccoon Removal

One of the most effective ways of handling a raccoon invasion is by engaging the services of a pro, who will most likely use baited raccoon traps to accomplish their removal. Raccoon Removal is something you should not try to do on your own, even if you feel that you are a good do-it-yourselfer. Most of the traps on the market today are not as effective as those used by a professional, and some will even fail when a raccoon has taken the bait. You’ll be much better off to let a pro use the right tools and the right methods in order to rid your home of these pests.